Thymes To Save Your Skin At Work

The issue of dry skin poses a problem for anyone who spends a majority of their day confined within the walls of their office.  Dry skin is exacerbated when we aren’t prepared.  Thymes’ Essentials Hard at Work ($48) is the perfect on-the-go kit to both alleviate and prevent dry skin. Hard at Work is a prepackaged kit that includes face mist, lip balm with SPF 15, hand sanitizer and cuticle crème.  Keeping with the theme of their green packaging, these products are both all natural and environmentally friendly.

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We have incessantly been using Thymes’ hand sanitizer to disinfect, followed by their cuticle cream to moisturize the skin around our nails.  The hand sanitizer is perfect to combat office-spread germs while the cuticle cream is great for prolonging the life of our manicures through moisturizing.

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Store the kit in your desk and pull out whenever you feel like you need a bit of rejuvenation. Or, give the Hard at Work kit to your hard-working mother for a practical Mother’s Day gift!

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