PHOTOS: Tattoo You! Jersey Shore’s Ronnie Magro Gets Inked

We’ve seen Jersey Shore‘s resident tough guy Ronnie Magro throwing his weight around plenty of times, but on Thursday, photographers caught the beefy alpha male in a different light — squealing in pain as he was tattooed at a Miami parlor.

PHOTOS: Ronnie Gets A Tattoo In Miami

At one point in the session, which we have pics of right here on, the juiced-up GTL disciple needed to bite down on a piece of cloth tied to his mouth. (Hey, beauty is pain.)

PHOTOS: Jersey Shore Arrives In Miami

On Friday, MTV announced that the Jersey Shore cast will leave Miami sometime this summer and return to the Garden State to wrap up filming the rest of their second season.

The new season of Jersey Shore premieres on MTV Thursday, July 29 at 10/9c.

PHOTOS: Jersey Shore Hit The Gym

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