PHOTOS: Party Girl Lindsay Lohan Falls Again Outside Club

Lindsay Lohan tripped and fell in public for the second time in as many weeks Thursday evening, and has the pics for you.

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Lohan was photographed outside Xbox’s Splinter Cell event at Les Deux in Hollywood, clad in a midriff-baring black jacket and light yellow shirt. She was signing autographs for fans outside the club when she lost her footing. Last week, she had a similar embarrassing moment outside a friend’s Hollywood home that was also caught by photographers.

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Lilo’s controversial father Michael spoke about his daughter’s issues in a news conference Wednesday, saying he was concerned about her “unhealthy and dangerous lifestyle.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Falls Head Over Heels

“It’s about time for the people around Lindsay that think she is okay and are out with her at night to stop enabling her,” he said. “I’m putting the people around her on notice — if something happens to her, I’m holding you accountable.”

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