VIDEO & PHOTOS: Larry King Reunites — Temporarily — With Wife Shawn; Both Wearing Wedding Rings

Larry King and his wife got a good dress rehearsal Thursday night of what it’s going to be like when their divorce is finalized. And has the pictures.

PHOTOS: Larry King Reunited With His Wife

Larry and Shawn King came together Thursday night for the first time since they filed for divorce—it was for their 11-year-old son Chance, who was pitching in a little league game.

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They gave each other a big hug and Shawn even gave Larry a playful tug at his nose.

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Their other son, 9-year-old Cannon was also there for the family night out.

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The 76-year-old is often seen at his son’s practices at a ball park in Beverly Hills, so it came as no surprise that he would take the night off of CNN to see the all-important game.

VIDEO: Larry King Takes Night Off To See Son Pitch Game

Shawn was wearing a colorful orange sweater and Larry a black leather jacket for LA’s 60 degree temperatures.  They walked together to the bleachers and sat about four feet apart.

At the end of the game they gave each other another hug and went their separate ways.

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The couple is claming “irreconcilable differences,” and they are fighting over custody of their children. Their 12-year marriage was rocked with cheating accusations on both sides. This will be the eighth divorce for Larry.

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