PHOTOS: Jersey Shore Crew Arrives In Miami

Watch out Miami – the Jersey Shore has arrived!

PHOTOS: Jersey Shore Arrives In Miami

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Or at least two of the cast has arrived and has the photos for you.

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Dishing up a mega serving of Guido to South Beach, DJ Pauly D and The Situation arrived at their Miami digs Monday afternoon as they begin filming the second season of the acclaimed reality TV show.

Pauly’s Party Goes On!

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And these two guys don’t know the meaning of traveling light. The Situation was wheeling not one, but two suitcases while Pauly D followed pulling his huge suitcase behind him. That’s a lot of Ed Hardy those boys are packing!

PHOTOS: Pauly And The Situation Pose For Paps

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The Situation had his abs covered up, for once, rocking a gray wife beater and both boys were heavy on the hair gel and topped up on the tan.

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