PHOTOS: Jersey Shore Swap GTL For Good Honest Work

It’s not all GTL all the time for the kids of the Jersey Shore.

PHOTOS: Jersey Shore Kids Get To Work

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The crew were spotted getting to work at a Miami Beach gelato store on Monday and can bring you the photos.

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Snooki, DJ Pauly D and Ronnie took a break from working out to do some work, serving up scoops to the Miami locals at Lecca-Lecca Gelato Cafe.

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From the looks of things the trio didn’t break out in too much of a sweat though, taking a break from the rigors of work, lounging table side, taking the weight off as they shot the breeze.

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Hopefully the Jersey Shore cast are making the most of their days in the Miami sunshine, as previously reported production is set to return to New Jersey soon.

PHOTOS: Jersey Shore’s New Miami Home

As exclusively reported the kids have been turned away from many of Miami’s hot spots, as venues don’t want to deal with all that accompanies their appearances – so far they have been 86’d at The W Hotel, The Delano, The Shore Club and The Mondrian.

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