PHOTOS: Charlie Sheen- The Bald Truth!

All it took was taking off his hat for Charlie Sheen to confirm exclusive from April 15 that the troubled star had shaved his head.

PHOTOS: See Charlie’s Newly Shaved Head

The actor, who always seems to maintain his sense of humor even while embattled, doffed his hat for photographers and proudly showed off his newly buzzed dome!

Eyewitnesses told last week that the Two and a Half Men star pulled a Britney and shaved his head and the new pics, of course, prove it. Britney had been in drug rehab briefly before leaving and shaving her head. Sheen is still in rehab, spending nights there, while running around during the day.

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He was caught with a paid escort in recent weeks and exclusively reported that he took her to his manager Mark Burg’s house to be alone with her when Brooke Mueller was still at home.

Charlie’s rep is trying his best to do damage control but faces a pretty tough challenge. First, he said that Charlie was “counseling” the paid escort, Angelina Tracy.

PHOTOS: Hollywood’s Dirtiest Divorces learned that he “counseled” her in his own house, in his own bedroom, when Brooke was not there and receiving rehab treatment elsewhere about a week ago. And he also “counseled” the paid escort at Burg’s house and her own place!

The disguise was simply to fool the photographers, his rep said.

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While outlets like E! also says everything is fine between Charlie and Brooke, exclusively showed photos of Brooke not wearing her wedding ring on Saturday. And while Brooke is staying at their home, Charlie is still sleeping at rehab. Multiple sources who know both Brooke and Charlie report also say things are not fine between the two.

“Her husband was photographed with a paid escort,” one source told “Brooke is furious. She’s back at the house and she’s not moving out. She wants everyone to know she’s taking care of their children while he’s out fooling around.”

DOCUMENT: Police Affidavit From Sheen’s Arrest

“What wife wouldn’t be [furious]?,” the source asked incredulously. “How can anyone say with a straight face that things are just fine between them? Things were awful to begin with. And now they are a lot worse.”

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