Pam Anderson Proves Milkshake Is More Than A Dance

There are three things Pamela Anderson really loves: having a good time, dancing and PETA.

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And has learned that the blonde bombshell is creating the first ever all-vegan shake at Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood. Pam is taking a short break from her daily rehearsals with Damian Whitewood with Dancing With The Stars to take up her role as spokesperson for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

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Her vegan shake will be aptly-named “The Pam Anderson.”

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“I am working very hard and having the time of my life on Dancing with the Stars – I have made some great new friends and tried to learn some cool new steps – but I did want to take a few minutes to prove that one can create a truly delicious treat without having to rely on any animal products in the process,” Pam said. “It is going to be a Vegan Vanilla Coconut Pineapple shake! I’ve always liked to shake things up so I’m thrilled to create the first vegan item on the menu – and at the same time I hope to get to meet some fans and to thank everyone for their support and their votes.” 

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The Shake-naming party takes place Friday April 9th at 3pm.

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