Michael Lohan Moving Forward With Conservatorship

Michael Lohan met with addiction specialist Marty Brenner on Monday morning ,and told RadarOnline.com that he’s headed to court to plead his case for a conservatorship with Lindsay’s judge.

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We spoke to Michael who was with Brenner and about to meet with his potential new attorney and Gloria Allred’s daughter, Lisa Bloom. From there, he says he’s headed to meet with the judge in Lindsay’s probation case where he will ask for a conservatorship.

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“If she doesn’t do something with Lindsay’s probation case, then I’m going for a conservatorship,” Michael told RadarOnline.com.

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According to Wikipedia…

“A conservatorship is a legal term in which a person/entity (conservator) is granted control of a person’s estate. In most states, a court visitor or some other investigatory person or agency must review the facts of the case and submit a report, usually required to be in writing, to the court before the court makes a decision on the request to establish a conservatorship.

Conservatorships are generally put in place for severely mentally ill individuals or seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s.”

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