Maximum Moisture: Estee Lauder’s Hydrationist

After a long winter, our skin was thirsty, so when Estee Lauder’s new Hydrationist Maximum Moisture Cream ($38) arrived in the mail, we were ready to put it to the test!  The silky face cream has a fresh and clean scent, which the company refers to as their “signature coral note brought to life from the coast of Madagacar.”

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We applied the cream to our face, and it instantly absorbed, leaving our skin soft and smooth.  After a few days, our skin felt infused with hydration, without any irritation or reaction.

What makes this product work?  Estèe Lauder explains that Hydrationist features their Sustainable Moisture Complex, which is a “blend of powerful ingredients that work over time to help skin naturally build and maintain a strong moisture barrier.”

The Hydrationist line is available nationwide and in multiple formulas for different skin types, and also one which includes SPF 15.

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