Larry King & Wife File For Divorce After Cheating Accusations

Larry King and his wife both filed for divorce Wednesday after trading cheating accusations for nearly a year.

COURT DOCUMENTS: Read Larry’s Petition For Divorce

Shawn was accused of cheating with Hector Penate, the baseball coach of one her children. Shawn denied it but Hector did not.

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And in an even more bizarre twist Larry was accused of cheating with Shawn’s sister, Shannon Engemann. Larry, Shannon and Shawn all denied it but it was clear that there were big problems in the marriage.

COURT DOCUMENTS: Read Shawn’s Petition For Divorce

Larry and Shawn have been battling for the past several years and Larry slapped her outside a deli in 2007.

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Shawn developed an addiction to pain pills and went to rehab at Betty Ford Center in 2008.

Larry King’s court papers claim “irreconcilable differences.”

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