EXCUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: In The Closet With Teenage Sensation Brittany Curran

The gorgeous Brittany Curran, who stars alongside Ray Romano in the TNT hit show Men of a Certain Age, has a fairy tale life. The 19-year-old, who is already a fixture in the Young Hollywood scene, invited RadarOnline.coms Katie Krause into the Los Angeles home she shares with her family.

The bubbly brunette showed off her playful and girly wardrobe, while dishing on her covetable career, which all started on a trip to Disney World as a young child.

PHOTOS: Brittany Curran’s Girly Style

“When I was about seven I went up to the castle and gave her the letter,” she explains about her encounter with a princess at Disney World, where she handed the character a note explaining why she should be cast in a Disney flick.

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Seven years later, her wish came true, when she was cast in Disney’s Go Figure, a movie about figure skating. Coincidence? Perhaps. But that hasn’t stopped the adorable star from believing in the power of the mouse, and decorating her room in relics from her many trips to the amusement park!

PHOTOS: Brittany On The Red Carpet Of The Last Song Premiere

“I apparently never grew up,” Brittany jokes about the overabundance of sequins in her wardrobe, after Katie notices all the sparkling dresses.

Showing off a colorful, feathered dress, which she wore to the premiere of Miley Cyrus The Last Song movie, Brittany reveals her red carpet secret. “The tape is still on here. I had to tape it to my body!”

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One of Brittany’s first walks down the red carpet, was the premiere of 13 Going on 30, where she played one of “The Six,” the group of mean girls who tormented Jennifer Garner’s young character. “13-year-old me took the spotlight away from Jennifer Garner,” she joked playfully, about the corseted, black number.

Though she is a girly girl, the young star has an affinity for sneakers, possessing shelves of colorful kicks.

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“My dad has the exact same matching sneakers,” she excitedly told Katie about a pair of red Creative Recreations.  “I forced him to wear the same ones as me to a red carpet event!”

Brittany has always dreamed about being a princess, and while most young girls give up the fantasy, the gorgeous star is determined to make it a reality.

“I plan on buying a castle in Brittany, France,” she insists, revealing her seven year plan.

Now that would be a Disney-worthy ending!

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