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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEWS: Busted! Stars Admit To Worst Speeding Tickets

The celeb race car drivers for the 2010 Toyota Grand Prix practiced for the race on Tuesday and RadarOnline.com was there for every turn and tire peel.  With speed limits hitting 100 miles an hour on the track, we wanted to find out if the celebs get treated like the rest of us on the real road, and have them tell us what’s the worst speeding ticket they’ve ever gotten.

Patrick Warburton told RadarOnline.com exclusively that a few weeks ago driving over to practice for the 2010 Toyota Grand Prix Pro/Celebrity race he got a ticket going 87 in a 70. “It’s not that bad!” he said. The punishment?  “I’m not going to driving school this time. I’m going to pay and walk away.”


Jesse McCartney got a ticket going 85 on the 101 Freeway. “I got a little cocky and got a speeding ticket,” he fessed up.

Another freeway speeder is Zachary Levi. “I got a ticket for 70 on the freeway. 70? That sucked,” he joked.

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Brian Austin Green seems to have the worst luck of the bunch. “There’s a cop that sits on Franklin – the past three tickets I got were from him.”

The only girl on the track on Tuesday is Patrick Warburton’s on-screen wife Megyn Price, but she’s never had a speeding ticket! “I’m not saying I haven’t been stopped for speeding,” she confessed.

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Can the celebs leave the fast driving on the track?

“You really shouldn’t take any of this to the 405, ‘cause it’ll get you killed,” advised Jesse McCartney.

Completely ignoring that advice, Brian Austin Green is taking all of his driving tricks back on the road. “I love driving like an ass****,” he told RadarOnline.com. “At least I’ll be a much better ass**** on the road than I was before.”

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The drivers are racing at the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Long Beach Grand Prix on Saturday, April 17.