EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Jesse James Mistress #3 Was A Teenage Runaway

Jesse James mistress number 3 was a teenage runaway, RadarOnline.com learned exclusively.

Brigitte Daguerre, who RadarOnline.com previously revealed has worked as a dominatrix, says in an exclusive video interview that she ran away from home, got into S&M and learned how to manipulate men at an early age.

And while no one is suggesting that Daguerre — or any of Jesse’s other mistresses – manipulated him, it adds new insight into the secret world Jesse was living in while pretending to be happily married to Sandra Bullock.

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“I was a pretty wild… wild kid,” Daguerre says on video to filmmaker John Keeler. In the video obtained exclusively by RadarOnline.com she says that at the age of 14, she went hitchhiking and “a lot of creeps” picked her up.

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“I got a lot of creeps. The biggest creep was a Mr. Rogers look-a-like. He looked exactly like Mr. Rogers, talked like him and everything and he was the biggest pervert I ever met.”

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She says, “He made sexual advances.”

But even as a teenager, Daguerre could protect herself, “He was a little wimp, so we could handle ourselves, we weren’t afraid of him, but he was just scum– real sleazy.”

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She learned at an early age how to manipulate men, “We took advantage of him. Ha Ha Ha. We were kids, so we lied to him and took some money and stuff. Well, he gave it to us, but we told him we were going do something for him because he was such a pervert…‘I have lots of money. Will you do this stuff for me?’ So we said ‘Sure we’ll do it.’ He gave us the money and we said ‘Bye!’”


And it was when she was 14 that she started to realize her interest in bondage.
“For some reason a lot of the SM (Sadomasochism) people in San Francisco were kind of drawn to me,” she says on the video.

“They would always say “I know you’re one of us.” “I know you want your a** beaten” I was just “No”. But then I had all the clothes at my home. So I didn’t put the two together for a little while. I used to order fetish clothes through the mail. I would just do certain things that I didn’t associate with SM. I didn’t really know what it was.”

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When the interview was filmed Brigitte was 24 and admitted that she lived in the fetish world for pleasure and profit. Today, she’s 40 and is one of 4 women who say they’ve had affairs with Sandra Bullock’s husband.


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