EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Jesse James Mistress #3 Admits She Traded Her ‘Services’ For Money

Brigitte Daguerre, Jesse James mistress #3, is a gold digger who admits she traded her “services” for money, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

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As RadarOnline.com first revealed, Brigitte worked as a dominatrix and took part in a documentary by filmmaker John Keeler, who says “she’s a gold digger and maybe the best gold diggers are like this—she gives you something in return.”

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On video obtained exclusively by RadarOnline.com, Brigitte, who carried on a several-year affair with James, talks about how her “clients “bring me gifts, they wash my car and do things I don’t care to do.” Watch the video above or click here to see it.

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James is now in sex rehab at Sierra Tucson, as four women have admitted they had sexual relationships with him during his marriage to Sandra Bullock. Daguerre has claimed she didn’t want to profit off her relationship but an agent representing her told RadarOnline.com that Daguerre is selling photos of herself for profit and also had put her story up for bid.

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Jesse James Mistress #3– Dominatrix

Her hook up with James plunges Bullock into an even deeper nightmare, as Daguerre admits to having a “slave.” “There’s this guy, who’s a lawyer. I do bring him home,” she says on RadarOnline.com’s video. “He pays my rent, doctor bills and all my equipment for school and my tuition.”  He was married. “Thank God,” she said, “I only have to see him twice a week.” If that wasn’t enough, she said, “I have him take me to expensive restaurants.”

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Filmmaker Keeler says “the whole idea of a slave who comes and pays for their service is that you give gifts and you do that. And as Brigitte said that has a lot to do with why she does it—kind of her reward; her benefit and motive.” The documentary was shot in 1991-92.

We want to caution that this story contains graphic material not suitable for anyone under 18 years of age.

Brigitte also used one of her slaves to help her learn more about her photography hobby: “I give him a slavely duty, every time he sees me he has to bring me a book…Right now I told him just to concentrate on books by Irina Ionesco.” Ionesco was infamous for shooting nudes of her young daughter.

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Keeler says Brigitte targeted clients who could satisfy her gold-digging desires. “The way she met her current slave, she was stripping in a club,” says Keeler, “He asked her for a lap dance…she said, ‘What would you like?’ And he said ‘I’d like you to pick my pockets.” And in her wonderful giggly way, she said, ‘Believe me; that was all I needed to hear!’”

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Brigitte is 40 now and before becoming famous for having sex with Sandra Bullock’s husband, she was known as a fetish photographer and model.

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