EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Hugh Hefner Turns 84: “This Is As Good A Time As I Have Had In My Entire Life.”

You’d think that by the time you hit 84-years-old you would be through with celebrating birthdays – but not if you are Playboy founder Hugh Hefner!

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In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com at the Playboy mansion the publishing tycoon and 21st century icon says he’s excited for his birthday on Friday “even though they come along every year.” Going on to say, “I’m simply excited because I’m here to celebrate another one.”

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And how does the octogenarian plan on spending his special day? Well, Hef says, “On Friday we will be screening my favorite film Casablanca, which we do every year, with a number of close friends and then on Saturday we are going to Las Vegas and celebrating at The Palms – The Playboy Club.

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Let’s hope for Hef’s sake that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

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Hef says he doesn’t know what he’s getting for his birthday – but RadarOnline.com does! Check back later for our exclusive interview with Hef’s girlfriend Crystal, where she shares exactly what she’s got the man who has everything.

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And what’s the best thing about being Hugh Hefner? As the great man puts it himself, “Let me count the ways!”

Going on to say, “I’m a kid who dreamed impossible dreams and made them come true.” Hef goes on to say he’s as happy now as he’s ever been, “As I celebrate my birthday this is as good a time as I have had in my entire life.”

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Let’s hope we can all say that at Hef’s age!

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As Hef hits 84 it seems he has as much energy, if not more, than his 23-year-old girlfriend, Playboy centerfold, Crystal Harris – so what’s his secret to eternal youth?

“Well part of it is the DNA,” Hef says. “You know if you want to live a full life pick your parents well. My mother lived to 101.”

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On the eve of his birthday, Hef is feeling nostalgic, sharing that if he could go to any place in time, he wouldn’t choose the heady days of partying and cavorting with beautiful women, instead he would chose his childhood. “I would love to revisit the time of my childhood,” Hef says. “To walk those streets again – I have very, very nostalgic feelings about my childhood.”

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And not surprisingly, the man that has lived a life that is the envy of many, many men says there’s nothing left in life that he still wants to experience or do. He told RadarOnline.com: “I’m in a very good place. What makes now so satisfying is that looking back on a life well lived, in a very good personal relationship, and simply finding satisfaction in the here and now and what has gone before.”

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