EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Hugh Hefner Says Jesse James “Wasn’t A Good Bet Before The Fact”

When it comes to scandal and sexcapades, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner knows more than the regular Joe on the subject.

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In an exclusive interview with Hef – who turns 84 Friday – the iconic multi-media magnet shares with RadarOnline.com his beliefs on keeping faithful, monogamy and sex addiction – along with some wise words on the whole Jesse James/Sandra Bullock scandal.

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When asked if he has any advice for Bullock, following the discovery of her husband’s many alleged affairs, Hef pretty much says the writing was on the wall for the Blind Side Oscar winning actress, “It would seem to me that what little I do know, that he wasn’t a very good bet before the fact, I mean he simply seemed to be playing out what he did before they met.”

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And when it comes to tips for keeping a husband faithful, Hef has a somewhat surprising take on the subject, considering his hard-won womanizing reputation, “I don’t think it’s a woman’s responsibility to keep the guy faithful. I think that obviously she has to do her half in terms of being a good wife and a loving spouse, but I think that, you know, I think a guy’s character, or a woman’s character is built in to who they are and you know you define who you are by the way you behave.”

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Even more surprising is Hef’s take on monogamy and on his belief that it is possible to be faithful to a partner, “I was married and completely faithful for 8 years. I lived a single life, a playboy lifestyle, before and after it, but while I was married I was faithful to it.

“I think the immorality in infidelity is the dishonesty – it isn’t the sex, it’s the hypocrisy – it’s the cheating. If you’re going to be in a relationship and you say you’re going to be faithful to it, be faithful to it, or get out of it.”

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And when it comes to what seems to be the modern day sure fire get out of jail free card for cheaters – sex addiction, Hef seriously doubts the validity of such a disorder, “When they first came up with the phrase sex addiction they referred to me as a sex addict, as a prime example. Which indicated how foolish that essential concept is.

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“In other words are there people who are obsessed with sexuality, are there neurotics who use sex as a crutch? Yes, but is it an addiction like an alcohol addiction or a drug addiction? Clearly not.”

Going on to quip, “The joke is that a sex addict is somebody who likes sex more than you do. They used to say about women, nymphomaniacs are women who enjoy sex more than you do..in a very repressed society it’s easy to refer to somebody as a sex addict, just because they’re having a lot of sex.”

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But on a more serious note, the guy that very probably knows more about sex than any other living being, says, “The hurtful part of all this is those people who allow their sexuality to disrupt their lives, and destroy marriages, destroy their work, and it becomes a compulsion. And I do think without question there are people that are sexual compulsives.”

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