EXCLUSIVE VIDEO BLOG: Dancing With The Stars Evan Lysacek And Anna Trebunskaya Overcome Illness And Jet Lag

Evan Lysacek, who is the top scorer on Dancing With The Stars for two weeks in a row, must have frequent flyer miles up the wazoo.

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As you can see in his exclusive video blog for RadarOnline.com, just last week he flew from Los Angeles to New Jersey to Washington, DC. for dance rehearsals and Stars on Ice performances.  

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO BLOG: Behind Scenes Dancing With The Stars Evan Lysacek

While Evan is blasting out stellar performances with two broken toes, his professional partner Anna Trebunskaya reveals she’s ill.

“My little baby’s sick” Evan says on their blog. “I’m going to have to cradle her and rock her on my lap.”

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But the Russian Red-head replies, “Just give me a big pillow and a blanket and I’ll be fine.” Evan suggests. “I’ll give you Ambien.”

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But the two dancers are troopers and nobody’s complaining—especially since they are favorites of the fans and the judges.

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Dancing With The Stars airs Tuesday night at 8 p.m.

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