EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEWS: Bad Girls Gone Good – From Trashy to Classy!

Amber Meade and Sarah Michaels are Bad Girl’s to the bone!  The stars of the Oxygen Network’s #1 dating show Love Games and reality show The Bad Girls Club took RadarOnline.com up on an exclusive offer for the makeover of a lifetime.

Armed with celebrity wardrobe stylist Joey Tierney, hairdresser to the stars Andy Robarge and makeup artist Su Han, against all odds RadarOnline.com turned the baddest of bad girls into perfect ladies.  Not an easy fete, even for this army of professionals.

The girls arrived at Caro Marketing in Hollywood, Calif., after a hardcore evening of partying on the Sunset Strip. Doing the walk of shame, the girls giggled their way into the luxe showroom scantily clad and showing off just a bit too much of their beautiful bods.

“Panties aren’t an accessory,” stylist Joey Tierney educates Amber, after the bad girl attempts to defend her belief that a gorgeous Plastic Island blouse is in fact a dress.

This was just one of the many challenges Tierney faced in her harrowing mission to “class up” the club-hopping, foul-mouthed beauties.

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“Okay I am trying to figure it out. I keep hearing less is more, which is kind of like what we always go with,” Amber maintains to Andy. “I mean, maybe not our makeup but our clothes.”

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Andy is shocked to see makeup streaming down Sarah’s face. “Looks like you had a rough night,” he tells her, to which she replies, “Yeah, I like it rough!”

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After their brilliant “make under” the girls played dress up in the outfits Joey picked out for them (and a few they snuck in themselves!), which included a McGinn Pearl Chanel Dress and an Aryn K. Denim Dress.

When the girls finally revealed their classy and clean new looks, (an Aryn K  sequin dress and Paul & Joe blazer for Amber, and a Plastic Island sequin dress for Sarah with Tulola Jewelry and Hobo International the transformation was startling.

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