EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Back-Up Plan Star Goes From Bare-Faced To Bombshell For Red Carpet Premiere

Noureen Dewulf, who stars alongside Jennifer Lopez in the romantic comedy The Back-Up Plan needed some help getting ready for the star-studded Los Angeles premiere on Wednesday night. The gorgeous actress was dressed in a bathrobe when RadarOnline.com’s Katie Krause arrived at her Los Angeles pad, so her team of celebrity hair, makeup and wardrobe experts had a lot of work to do to get her red carpet ready!  As she transforms from bare-faced to bombshell, she dishes to Katie about her career highlights, her biggest fashion faux pas and how her beauty regiment mirrors that of the Jersey Shore cast.

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While her self-proclaimed, most memorable red-carpet moment occurred at the premiere of Ghost of Girlfriends Past, wearing a white hot Herve Leger mini, she jokes to Katie that she’s had more than one fashion flop: “Every other picture of me on the internet… I’m like I can’t believe I wore that!”

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When Katie asks Noureen how her look changes from day-to-red carpet, her make-up artist, Garret Gervais, answers the question for her. “It doesn’t… This is how she wakes up!” Dewulf admits, “I do wear a lot of make-up.”

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After hours of blow-drying, curling, coifing and beautifying, DeWulf adds one final touch to her red-carpet look, paying homage to none other than The Jersey Shore. While Garret applies liquid bronzer to her body (which looks flawless in her $3800 Herve Leger dress!) she exclaims, “GTL.  I went to the gym this morning, my house-keeper, Rosa, did my laundry yesterday and now Garrett is bronzing me up!”

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To see more of Noureen, check out The Back-Up Plan, which hits theaters Friday.

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