EXCLUSIVE: Steven Seagal’s Ex Kelly LeBrock Says She Was “Raped & Abused My Whole Life”

Kelly LeBrock is reliving the trauma of her marriage to Steven Seagal every day as new allegations about the action star come to light.

Steven Seagal Sued For Sexual Harassment

“This whole thing is very upsetting,” she tells RadarOnline.com exclusively.  “I do have children with this man.”

Seagal is being sued for sexual harassment and sexual trafficking by a former assistant, allegations he has denied.

Read The Lawsuit Against Seagal

The former Woman in Red was married to Seagal from 1987 to 1996.  They have three children, who live with their mother in Santa Barbara County, two and a half hours from Hollywood.

Kelly says she is trying to concentrate on finishing her autobiography, which she’s been working on for almost a year.

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“I was constantly raped and abused my whole life,” she says in a stunning revelation.   

Asked specifically if she was claiming that Seagal ever raped her, she replied, “I had a life before Steven Seagal, and a life after him.  This book is not about Steven Seagal.  But good or bad, he is a part of my life.”

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