EXCLUSIVE: Secrets From Glee: Madonna May Get A Sequel

Glee has one of the biggest cult audiences on TV. Among its fans are some of the most famous people on earth. RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that after last Tuesday’s Power of Madonna episode, the Material Girl‘s people contacted the producers and said, “You know Madonna has a lot more songs.”

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Ryan Murphy, Glee‘s creator, told a crowd at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles on Monday night, “If we ever were to do a sequel it would be for her.”

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He also confirmed that Billy Joel and Britney Spears want to be on the show, and for the first time revealed that Sir Paul McCartney has become a “Gleek.”

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Murphy says the show’s cast and producers only pick songs they like, and early on they wanted to sing some Coldplay songs; but Coldplay turned them down. He now says, “they changed their mind.”

New Glee Music

Glee cast members, including Matthew Morrison, would like Justin Timberlake on the show, but Murphy was quick to point out he doesn’t want too many guest stars to sing, he wants his cast to perform.

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They just finished taping their last episode of Season 1 on Monday and revealed that Quinn will give birth and the deliciously devilish Sue Silvester will dance and sing a duet with Olivia Newton John. Jane Lynch, who plays the crazy Cheerios coach, says when she was told she was going to lock eyes with Olivia and sing a duet, she responded by saying, “Are you trying to make all my dreams come true?”

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Glee airs Tuesday nights on Fox after American Idol.

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