EXCLUSIVE: Sandra Bullock Prepares Divorce Papers

Sandra Bullock has prepared divorce papers, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

The Oscar-winning star is ready to proceed against husband Jesse James in the wake of his cheating scandal.

Jesse has recently been linked to four other women and as RadarOnline.com first reported, he confessed to Sandra that there were seven other women during their marriage.

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He checked into Sierra Tucson in Arizona to receive treatment  for sex addiction, as reported exclusively by RadarOnline.com.

But Sandra never asked him to get help, and she is still reeling from the fact that he habitually cheated on her throughout the marriage, sources tell RadarOnline.com.

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She’s been through stages of shock and anger and has been deliberating her next move according a source close to the situation.

Things got worse in the last few days when Jesse left rehab after Sandra wouldn’t take one of his phone calls. She is surrounded by security and is concerned that he will try to get face to face with her.

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“Her attitude toward Jesse hasn’t softened since she found out he was cheating on her,” the source said. “She’s been betrayed and cheated on and she’s not getting over that.”

Jesse’s lawyer described him as a “broken man” who desperately wants to put his marriage back together.

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But that’s highly unlikely, the source told RadarOnline.com.

“Why would she want to get back with him after what he did to her,” the source asked.

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Now with Jesse going AWOL from rehab it’s only made Sandra more upset. His erratic behavior is compounding the misery she’s experiencing.

“But she’s strong,” the source said. “And she’s doing the best she can.”

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Part of that is preparing divorce papers, which she has drawn up. The question is: when will she file them? Right now she’s given no indication to anyone in her inner circle about when she’ll file.

She’s not even talking in depth about the papers to people close to her, the source said. “Right now she’s very closed,” the source told RadarOnline.com. “After everything she’s been through, who can blame her.”

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