EXCLUSIVE: Sandra Bullock & Jesse James Communicating

Although Sandra Bullock has kept her phone conversations with Jesse James to a minimum, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that the Oscar-winning star is communicating with her husband through intermediaries.

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“Sandra and Jesse spoke once when he left rehab,” an inside source tells RadarOnline.com exclusively. “But the majority of communication has been through intermediaries. They’ve been passing messages back and forth.”

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EXCLUSIVE: Jesse James Back In Rehab

RadarOnline.com was the first to report that Jesse initially left rehab after Sandra refused to take his phone call. Jesse has said he wants the marriage back and as RadarOnline.com exclusively reported he went into sex addiction rehab to prove to Sandra he was serious about wanting to make things right. But Sandra never asked him to get help and is devastated that he cheated on her throughout the marriage. She feels no obligation to him and that set off the crisis that caused him to bolt from Sierra Tucson. “She refused to take one of his calls from the rehab center and he got furious and left,” the source said.

EXCLUSIVE: Sandra Bullock And Jesse James’ Final Screaming Match

Sandra confronted Jesse about his adulterous behavior long before the news became public and that resulted in many screaming matches between the two; the final one occurring the day Jesse headed to Arizona and checked into the Sierra Tucson rehab center, RadarOnline.com learned.

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“[Jesse] was drinking while they were talking. He broke down in tears and tried to manipulate [Sandra] with his daughter,” a source told RadarOnline.com of their final blowout. “Immediately after that conversation he started driving to Arizona. He was going to prove to Sandra that he was serious about saving the marriage.”

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The inside source tells RadarOnline.com that Sandra and Jesse’s most recent conversation ended much like their final blowout. “[Jesse] went from being very demanding to being in tears,” the source said. “Then back to demanding again.”

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Sources tell RadarOnline.com that Sandra is adamant on divorcing the Monster Garage star, but is hesitant right now because she doesn’t want an angry ex-husband giving interviews destroying her privacy.

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