EXCLUSIVE NEW DETAILS: Real Reason Behind Paris Hilton / Doug Reinhardt Break-Up

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt have broken up again, RadarOnline.com has confirmed, and now, we know the real reason behind the split.

Sources close to the former couple say Paris was extremely concerned that Doug was using the hotel heiress to further his own career aspirations.

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Reports surfaced recently that Reinhardt’s younger sister was going to get her own reality TV show, with Doug serving as producer, and that Paris was going to be in several episodes. Our sources tell us that Paris never had any plans to participate in the reality show, and that Doug was pressuring her to be a part of it, and she flatly refused. We are told the reality show is a no-go without Paris’ involvement.

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Reinhardt has been holed up at his parents house in Aspen, Colorado licking his wounds. Paris has been spending time with her family, whom never liked Reinhardt and questioned his motivations.

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Paris was in Las Vegas with her parents over the weekend and was recently looking at summer rentals in Malibu.

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