EXCLUSIVE: Michael Lohan: “Either Lindsay Sits Down And Talks To Me Or I Get A Conservatorship”

Michael Lohan says he genuinely fears for his youngest daughter Ali Lohan’s life, and that is why he stormed Lindsay’s apartment on Thursday.

VIDEO: Michael Lohan Shows Up At Lindsay’s Apartment With Cops

“I have been and I am concerned about Lindsay and I had plans to sit down with her and her lawyer,” Lohan told RadarOnline.com exclusively. “But when I found out two days ago that my sixteen year old daughter was at Coachella…and that the two of them were in a car driving back from Palm Springs at 115 miles an hour, I became concerned about what Ali is being exposed to. “

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Michael says he knows how fast Lindsay’s car was going because he had them followed by a paprazzo friend of his.

“Especially after all that went down with Ali and Lindsay in St. Barth,” Michael says, “I am concerned about the elements that Ali is being exposed to.”

Michael didn’t explain the St. Barth reference, but there was another incident elsewhere. Earlier this year, RadarOnline.com posted photos of Lindsay, 23 and Ali, 16, crying hysterically on cell phones while on a yacht in St. Barth’s. The press reported that the sisters were upset over hearing news that Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson had died.

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But Michael told RadarOnline.com exclusively the drama was much more personal and serious.

“Ali disappeared for 3 days over there. She and Lindsay got into a fight and Ali disappeared and took off with that guy Patrick [Aufdenkamp]. Lindsay called me up hysterical and I arranged to have a private plane pick them up. But then Dina and her ex-boyfriend got involved and thwarted all my plans.”

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Michael says he showed up unannounced at Lindsay’s West Hollywood apartment on Thursday not to stage a drug intervention, but to do a welfare check on Ali.

He told RadarOnline.com, “The biggest problem here is Dina. Either Lindsay sits down and talks to me or I’ll get child protective services involved and ask for a conservatorship.”

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Dina, however, sees things quite differently and told RadarOnline.com that Michael didn’t even recognize Ali when he was looking right at her (http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2010/04/exclusive-interview-dina-lohan-says-michael-didnt-even-recognize-daughter-during).

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