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EXCLUSIVE: Liar Liar! Michael Lohan Rips Dina Over Lindsay

Michael Lohan is sounding the horn again, this time to lash out at his ex-wife Dina, who told RadarOnline.com that Michael has no relationship with his children.

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In an exclusive statement to RadarOnline.com, Lohan says, “If I don’t have a relationship with my kids, why did I see them all a week ago? Why did Dina and I sign Cody up for Catholic school, which I paid for?”

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Lohan calls Dina’s claims to RadarOnline.com blatant “lies,” especially when it comes to protecting their daughter Lindsay.

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“Dina’s got a team’ behind Lindsay? My God, what team? The ones partying with her? Or the team she put together after our divorce, which helped destroy Lindsay’s career?

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“I paid for everything my kids needed and gave Dina everything (the house,  $250,000 and all the furnishings) to take care of them when we divorced.  YET she still uses the kids as pawns. She helped destroy Lindsay and now  she’s doing it to the rest [of them]. And by the way, it doesn’t seem like her  team’ is doing such a great job—as usual.”

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As RadarOnline.com previously reported, Lindsay, 23, pulled another all-nighter on Wednesday night…her second in as many days. The starlet hit club after club in Hollywood on Wednesday night, winding down the party at the Roosevelt Hotel until 6am.

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Michael, who just announced his engagement to Jon Gosselin‘s ex Kate Major, is adamant that his daughter needs serious help and he is bent on getting her into rehab.