EXCLUSIVE: Larry King & Wife’s Sister Talked About Having A Baby

Larry King and his sister-in-law Shannon Engemann talked about having a baby during their several year affair, RadarOnline.com learned exclusively.

The TV talk show host and his wife’s sister had a several-year relationship that overlapped Shawn King’s affair with Hector Penate, the baseball tutor hired by the Kings for their sons.

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RadarOnline.com brought you the world exclusive video that show Larry, Shawn and Hector together while the affair was ongoing. And now we’ve learned that not only did Larry and Shannon discuss getting married but they also talked about having a child.

Larry, 76, and Shawn have filed for divorce against each other. They have two sons, Chance, 11, and Cannon. Shawn is living in the marital home while Larry has moved into a hotel. Their 11-year marriage has been ripped apart by stories of infidelity and bust-ups.

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Shawn believed Larry and her sister were having an affair and that Larry was spending a fortune on Shannon.

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A source told RadarOnline.com: “If Shawn divorces Larry then Shannon would like to become his next wife.

“Although she has denied having sex with him she does admit that they have been flirting with one another for years while he has been supporting her while she tries to get her acting and singing career off the ground.

“She knew that Larry had very strong feelings for her.” In the early part of their relationship they discussed being together and having a baby, the source said.

Shawn King Claimed Larry Was Having An Affair With Her Sister

King – who has been married seven times to six different women – and his current wife were BOTH reportedly having affairs during their marriage.

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His ex-wife Julia Alexander King told our RadarOnline.com that the couple knew about each other’s infidelities.

“Larry told me they both knew that each of them had others in their lives,” Alexander King told RadarOnline.com exclusively. She has stayed in touch with Larry since their divorce and has spoken to him since the breakup.

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