EXCLUSIVE: Larry King and Wife’s Not So Merry Christmas

During what now was their last holidays together as a married couple, Larry King and wife Shawn displayed some out of character bickering in front of his show staff, RadarOnline.com has learned.

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Though Shawn was not known for being demanding by staffers at Larry King Live, during their most recent Christmas special, she and Larry had some tense moments regarding her singing cameo on the show.

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“We haven’t had any issues with her except this past Christmas when we did a special and she did a performance of her singing. She did two or three takes and everyone- Larry, the crew, the director- all thought it was good and we had limited time to shoot her minute and a half song,” the source explained.

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“She wanted to do a couple more takes, she was being a little pouty since she didn’t get her way.”

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Larry tried to diffuse the situation by trying to give Shawn some perspective about her behavior. However, he failed to achieve the desired results.

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“We had a whole special set up for her and Larry was pointing out how everyone set up this thing for her and that she was just complaining about it all,” the source added.

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Despite the reminder, Shawn “was still a little whiny.”

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