EXCLUSIVE: Kate Gosselin’s Lawyer Calls Jon’s Bid For Custody ‘Reckless’

Kate Gosselin’s attorney is firing back at reports that Jon Gosselin is seeking primary custody of their 8 kids, calling the claims ‘reckless’ and ‘offensive’ in a statement to RadarOnline.com.

Jon’s new lawyer, Anthony List, dubbed Kate an ‘absentee mom’ and says Jon is headed to court to prove that his ex-wife’s gig on Dancing with the Stars is hurting their kids.

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Kate’s lawyer Mark Momijan told RadarOnline.com, “We haven’t received any formal filing yet but I can’t imagine anything farther from the truth. Kate is a devoted mother. Her concern for the welfare of her kids is so prominent that any allegations like this report are reckless and so far from the mark, it’s offensive.”

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Jon is supposedly seeking to shed his $20,000 a month support payments as well and wants Kate to pay him.

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The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star has not had a steady job since TLC pulled the plug on the reality show after Jon refused the network to continue filming his children.

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TLC sued Jon and won a preliminary injunction after charging he violated his contract. The suit was settled but it cost Jon a fortune and TLC clearly came out the winner.

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“Jon was recently dumped by his new girlfriend Morgan Christie,” said a source who knows him.”Whenever something like that happens, he lashes out.”

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