EXCLUSIVE: Jersey Shore Guys Score More Babes in Miami, No Thanks To Angelina!

Last season’s Jersey Shore was full of wild nights and GTS (Gym Tan Smush) for Pauly D and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino who were known for their suave moves and fast pick-ups. But RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that Miami offers more hotties to choose from than ever before, despite roommate Angelina Pivarnick‘s butting in.

“The women are just swarming around these guys the moment they arrive at the clubs,” said the source.

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Mike and Pauly D have proven you can take the Guido out of Jersey and still impress the babes. “There are definitely a lot more woman the second season than the first and it’s been great.”

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But where’s the fun in reality TV without a few bumps in the road? That’s where Angelina Pivarnick comes in.

“Pauly D and Mike were hooking up with some girls and about to take them back to the house when Angelina came over and ruined everything, ” the source added. “The girls just left the club.”

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These womanizers didn’t take kindly to this kill joy, in fact they were furious. The night ended abruptly with a late-night blowup back at the house that woke up some of the other castmembers. Now that is reality TV done Jersey Shore style.

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