EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Pamela Hasselhoff “Scared To Death” Of Jail, Says Attorney

David Hasselhoff’s ex-wife, Pamela Bach, is “scared to death” of jail, RadarOnline.com has learned from her attorney Jon Artz.

David Hasselhoff’s Ex Wife Headed To Jail

Pamela was sentenced to 90 days in jail on Friday for a DUI violation and for breaking her probation.

DOCUMENTS: Pamela Hasselhoff’s Court Minutes

No family was present; Pamela just brought her alcohol counselor. Artz says Pamela “thinks the judicial system works and it was fair.”

David Hasselhoff Returning To Soap Opera

He says she’s been going to regular Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and Pamela has voluntarily been wearing a SCRAM anklet that monitors alcohol use for the last four months, he says, proving that she has been sober.

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Her rep told RadarOnline.com, “She has the support of her daughters and her fans. And she is very grateful for that. She wants to let all her fans know that she is doing just fine. If they want to lend their support they can go to her Twitter page Www.Twitter.com/pbhasslehoff.”

Bach will begin serving her sentence on May 3.

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