EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jon Gosselin’s Legal Limbo; Attorney Doesn’t Know If He Is Still Representing The Father-Of-Eight

Despite Jon Gosselin’s Tweets that he’s fired divorce attorney Anthony List for making disparaging statements about ex-wife Kate, in a bizarre twist, List tells RadarOnline.com he is still on the case.
Gosselin released a statement today saying that he’s terminated List. “Mr. Anthony List Sr., Esq. is not my representing attorney; I terminated him on April 15, 2010,” he Tweeted.

Jon Gosselin Fires Divorce Attorney

The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star was reportedly angry that List had announced that he was moving forward with an ‘absentee mom’ argument against Kate Gosselin regarding custody of their children.

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But despite the apparent confusion List claims that he has Jon’s best interests at heart and only wants to protect Gosselin until he has new legal representation officially in place.

He told RadarOnline.com: “Look, I contacted the clerk at Berks County Court yesterday and my name was still on the file.

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“As an officer of the court I need to protect my client and I don’t want Jon to be left in grave prejudice – I don’t want to see him hurt.”

“I just want a lawyer’s letter, and for the court to tell me they have an ‘entry of appearance’ so that everybody can breathe easy.

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“This is really important because these are the most serious negotiations of Jon Gosselin’s life and he needs to protect himself and the rights of his children too.

“There is another status conference scheduled for May 7, 2010, before Judge Timothy Rawley at Berks County Court and at present I am still scheduled to represent Jon at this time.

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“Due to attorney and client privilege I cannot reveal specifics about what Jon and I discussed in private regarding his kids. Obviously, he wants an input about where and when he gets to see his kids and that is a big concern to him.”

Kate’s Lawyer Mark Momjian told RadarOnline.com earlier today: “We want to encourage dialogue between the parties in the hope that all issues are resolved amicably – that makes sense for the parents and more importantly for the Gosselin children.”

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