EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Bachelor’s Vienna Dated Drug Lord After Sorority Sister Discovered His Drug Dealing

The Bachelor’s fiancée Vienna Girardi dated an accused drug lord immediately after her sorority sister broke up with him because of his drug dealing, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

DOCUMENTS: Chase Alley Booking Sheet

RadarOnline.com exclusively reported that Vienna’s ex-boyfriend Chase Alley is sitting in a Florida jail after being booked on 50 counts of conspiracy to buy, possess and sell marijuana. He was also accused of money laundering and drug trafficking and importing. And he faces racketeering charges, which means he could be sentenced to 20 years in prison.

PHOTOS: Bachelor Vienna’s Drug Dealer Boyfriend

Long before the authorities caught him, his ex-girlfriend discovered the college student’s extra curricular activities when she found a hidden mobile phone.
Chase’s long-time friend Andrew Brachanov says Chase was using three cell phones. Two were for his drug dealings; the third one for everyday use.

PHOTOS: Mug Shots of Chase Alley

Brachanov says, “The cell phone was hidden in a cabinet and she found it and there were all sorts of drug-related text messages on it.”

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She immediately ended their relationship, and Brachanov says, she was hurt by the discovery.

Her Kappa Delta sorority sister Vienna started dating him immediately after the break-up.

DOCUMENTS: Cell Phone Conversations Involving Chase Alley

As RadarOnline.com reported, Chase “never told his girls about the drugs,” Brachanov said. “He was hurt by their break-up and Vienna boosted his spirits.”

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