EXCLUSIVE: Friends, Family Tell Lindsay Lohan To Go To Rehab But She Refuses

After the second straight night of partying until 6 a.m., Lindsay Lohan‘s closest inner circle of advisers and family are growing increasingly concerned about Lindsay, RadarOnline.com is reporting exclusively.

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A source close to the situation says, “We are growing increasingly worried about Lindsay. She needs to go back to rehab, everyone that is close to her is urging her to get help. The biggest problem is that Lindsay refuses to admit she has a problem, and she doesn’t believe she needs to go back to rehab. Essentially, there is nothing anyone can do as Lindsay can’t be forced to go to rehab, even though it’s exactly what she needs.”

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Lindsay’s advisors are telling her she needs to get help, “now,” our insider tells RadarOnline.com. “Lindsay simply tunes out any talk of seeking help, at this point. She has been known to freeze people out of her life if she doesn’t like what they are telling her, and that is what she is doing now. Dina is very concerned about her, not only is she Lindsay’s mother, but her manager as well. Dina is fiercely protective of Lindsay and her other children.  The situation is only made worse because Michael insists on making this public, when it’s truly a private family matter. Lindsay doesn’t trust her father at all, he has betrayed her so many times,” the source reveals.

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There is a consensus that it’s not a matter of if Lindsay will seek treatment, but of “how and when,” the insider says.

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