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EXCLUSIVE: Father Of Slain Victim Talks Out About Latest Cathouse Murders Arrest

Gary Gardner, the stepfather of Millie Barrera, one of the four tragic victims slain last November in what was dubbed “The Cathouse murders,” is speaking out  about the arrest yesterday of one of the alleged perpetrators.

In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com, Gardner shared that the arrest has brought back painful memories for everyone.  He also said that although he was glad the alleged murderer of his daughter was alive to face justice, part of him wishes he was dead.

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“I’m so happy that the police have finally caught the man they believe was the mastermind behind the killings,” Gardner told RadarOnline.com. “He has a history of committing crimes, with a long criminal record behind him, and was a cage fighter like the other guy they already arrested.”

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The alleged murderer, Denny Phillips, was captured Monday after a violent shoot out with police outside of a Tulsa motel. Phillips, who was shot three times in the exchange of fire, was taken to a hospital where he remains in critical condition, though he is expected to survive.

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Gardner told RadarOnline.com that the shoot out and Phillips subsequent capture brought out mixed emotions in him. “I am not feeling any sense of relief,” Gardner said. “I mean I was glad on the one hand that he was alive so we could hear what happened to my daughter and the others, and why, but the father in me wished they had killed him.”

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Tulsa police say they became aware of Phillips when an informant told Sergeant Mike Huff that Phillips was trying to sell two guns – guns that Huff recognized as having been stolen from his home during a break-in last week.

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Meanwhile, Oklahoma County District Attorney, David Prater said Phillips has been a person of interest in the deaths of Casey Barrientos, Jennifer Ermey, Millie Barrera and star of the HBO reality series Cathouse Brooke Phillips. The four were found dead on November 9 after being shot, stabbed, slashed and set on fire inside an Oklahoma City home. Barrera and Phillips were also pregnant at the time of the murders.

Gardner is happy that they finally have Phillips in custody, but said, “My daughter and her unborn baby, along with the other victims, deserve justice.”