Estee’s Hot Summer Scent: Bronze Goddess

Who doesn’t love the sweet, smell of summer?  When we first took a whiff of the Bronze Goddess collection from Estee Lauder, it was like we were immediately transported from our office building in the city, to a tropical paradise in the South Pacific!  While many tropical fragrances rely on heavy floral notes to infuse the scent, Bronze Goddess blends citrus (bergamot, mandarin) and coconut adding a slight hint of Tahitian gardenia and jasmine, and warming aromas such as sandalwood and amber, resulting in a vacation in a bottle!

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The fragrance collection consists of a Luminous Body Lotion ($32), a Body Oil Spray ($32) and Eau Faiche Skinscent ($52).  The lotion is great, because it smells delightful and moisturizes your skin, without leaving any residue.  The oil, is lightweight, silky and shockingly, isn’t greasy. 

We recommend combining the lotion and body oil for a flawless naked leg look.  The bikini and sarong are optional!

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