Creators of Hannah Montana Sue Disney For $5 Million

The creators of the TV show that made Miley Cyrus famous are suing The Disney Channel for at least $5 million dollars, has confirmed.

Barry O’Brien and Richard Correll, who are the creators of the hit TV show Hannah Montana, say they were not given bonuses owed to them.

Read The Court Docs

O’Brien and Correll claim in the documents that they are due “ 7.5 percent in contingent bonus compensation.”

They also claim Disney never provided them with proper accounting for their bonus, nor did they allow the pair to audit the books.

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The legal papers also claim that Correll was “terminated as a series director on “Hannah Montana” and as a director of any and all other Disney programs…without warning and without cause.”

The lawsuit filed Friday afternoon also names Bigwood Films, Inc, Fuss Budget Films, Inc, Silver Creek Pictures, It’s A Laugh Productions, Inc, and Walt Disney Pictures.

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