Celebrity News! Here’s Everything You Want On Your Radar!

Kim Kardashian is making some boys skip school, find out how.

Why was a Lane Bryant Ad almost pulled from Fox and ABC?

Find out what The Biggest Loser Trainer Jillian Michaels Won’t Do.

And, What’s going on with Naomi Campbell? Did she really swat an ABC camera?

It’s all part of everything that should be – and is – on your Radar. So check it all out here, courtesy of some of our friends:

VH1 Gets Out Of The Trash TV Business – PopEater

Shirtless Jared Leto Just Jared

Biggest Losers Jillian Michaels: I Won’t Ruin My Body With Pregnancy – Huffington Post

Guliana Rancic Touts 7 Lb Weight Gain, Laments Infertility – Huffington Post

Banned Lane Bryant Ad – Dlisted

Gabourey Sidibe Funny Promos For SNL – Huffington Post

A Nickelodeon Star Sings John Lennon Song – The Daily Beast

Nick Cannon Doing Good – Perez Hilton

Naomi Campbell Swats ABC Camera After Blood Diamond Question – Access Hollywood

Britney Spears Glee Episode In The Works – Hollyscoop

Brooke Shields Talks About Why She Had It Better Than Lindsay – Betty Confidential

Tori Spelling Lands Daytime Talk Show – Betty Confidential

Kim Kardashian Is Making Boys Skip School – Global Grind






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