Candy Coat Your Nails For Spring

We are loving ORLY’s new Sweet collection of nail polishes, which come in 6 creative candy colors, but a fair warning: it may be difficult not to bite your nails once they are polished in these sweet colors.  They will look good enough to eat.

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Breaking away from the dark nail trends of winter, this pastel pretty palate will cover your nails with creamy and glossy sheen, which are sure to grab attention.

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If you are edgy and trendsetting, try out Lemonade, which is a wearable, cool yellow shade, Gumdrop, a gorgeous aqua shade, or Snowcone, a cornflower blue color.  If you are a girly-girl, try Lilac, a pastel purple, or Pixy Stix is an attention-grabbing carnation pink.  If you want to try a truly fun look, try a few colors, painting every nail a different shade.

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