Autopsy Report From Marie Osmond’s Son-No Drugs In His System

The final report is in from the autopsy of Marie Osmond’s son, Michael Bryan (Blosil), and has learned there were no drugs, at all, in his system.

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The Los Angeles Coroner’s office has determined the cause of death was “multiple blunt trauma”. The coroner determined the manner of death as “suicide,” and confirmed that he died because he “jumped from height.”

PHOTOS: A Young Michael Bryan

Friends say the 18-year-old fashion student was on his cell phone, then he disappeared into another room and the next thing they knew– Bryan had jumped from the eighth floor of his Downtown LA apartment building.

Bryan died on February 26. He was one of five children adopted by Marie; in all she had 8 children.

Michael Bryan’s Death Certificate

At his funeral, his sister Rachel Blosil said  “He was a man of his word. He wasn’t a talker, he was a doer. He was reliable.” She added, “He knew my hopes, he knew my dreams, my secrets, things that nobody knows. He was my best friend.”

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Marie was so heartbroken by the loss that she had to cancel several performances of her Las Vegas show with her brother Donny. But, during her first show back, she said, “The way Osmonds survive is they keep singing.  My son would want that.”

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