AUDIO: Lindsay Lohan Says It’s No Crime To Have Fun; Calls Dad’s Words “Just Foul”

Lindsay Lohan said her party girl reputation is a “misconception,” and addressed her relationship with her controversial father Michael in a radio interview Wednesday, and has the audio for you.

AUDIO: Lindsay Lohan On JoJo’s Show

The Mean Girls star told KIIS-FM’s JoJo Wright that she doesn’t “really pay attention to” the tabloids and blogs which chronicle her party-filled Southern California nights. Lohan — who called show business “a very build-you-up-to-take-you-down industry” — said that “it’s not a crime to go out and have fun with your friends.”

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Lindsay was then asked about the recent flare-ups she’s had with her father Michael, who recently attempted to stage an intervention for his daughter, whom he says is out-of-control.

“I think  it’s just foul, some of the things that get said by my dad,” Lindsay said. “No one should ever have to worry about their father saying those things publicly against them… it distracts from all the work that I’m doing.

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“My mom’s an amazing woman,” Lindsay said, “and she’s been put through hell by him.”

Lindsay said she’s been working on upcoming projects in fashion and film and that she’s “in a really good place.”

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