AUDIO: Kate Gosselin “I’m The Kind Of Mom That Wants To Be Home With My Kids”

Kate Gosselin stopped by Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS FM show Monday morning to give the latest on Dancing With The Stars, her relationship with ex-husband Jon and what’s in store for the future.

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Kate revealed that she would leave behind the money and fame and swap places with her babysitter “in a micro millisecond” going on to say that “I love my kids and I want to be with them and I’m the kind of mom that wants to be home with my kids.”

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Kate went on to explain that as a single mom though that’s just not an option. “It’s the working mom, single mom thing. You have to be at work because you have to provide for your kids but really my heart is at home.”

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The busy mom of 8 said that despite reports to the contrary, she and Pam Anderson are in fact great friends, “We sit in make-up chairs next to each other and talk about our kids – she’s awesome.”

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Going on to share, “She’s gorgeous, I wish I could be her!”

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When it comes to Jon and his quest for custody of their kids, Kate’s very clear on the matter. “I want the kids to see him but I want the kids to be with me. I want it to be peaceful, that’s my goal.”

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And when it comes to relieving some of the stress that she deals with on a daily basis, Kate has one clear rule, “I do cry every so often – you have to have a meltdown now and then, I had one last week.”

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One thing Kate stayed mum on though was her salary for Dancing With The Stars. Despite Ryan trying to squeeze out the details and his claims that he knew she was paid more than the other stars, Kate just said, “How would I know? I have no idea. As far as I know everyone is paid equally.”

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Kate’s undergone a lot of criticism for her dancing skills, or lack of, something she readily acknowledges, but she said she’s not hurt by it in the slightest, “I’m really good at taking criticism right now. I just want to do my best. Let’s face it my viewers and fans are keeping me on there – we all know my dancing skills aren’t!”

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Tune in to ABC Monday night at 8 ET/PT to watch Kate and Tony perform the foxtrot on Dancing With The Stars “movie night.”

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