AUDIO: Jennifer Love-Hewitt Talks Dating, Cheating And “Intimate Bejeweling”

Jennifer Love-Hewitt stopped by Ryan Seacrest‘s KIIS FM radio show Tuesday morning to promote her new book, The Day I Shot Cupid, and while she was there she talked candidly about her love life, her mistakes, being cheated on and how she glues crystals on a very unusual place!

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The newly single star said she wrote the book to show that “guys are not the enemy and girls might be a little confusing.”

Love-Hewitt said she wrote the book over the past four years, and that she dedicated the book to her now ex, Jamie Kennedy, and although she had the chance to change the dedication after they split she decided to keep it. She explained “he really did teach me a lot and I’m grateful for that. He taught me the most.”

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Admitting she’s a “hopeless romantic” Love-Hewitt shared that Jamie “taught me to look at the reality of love and maybe I sort of had my head in the clouds before.”

Going on to say, “He taught me about men and what they think.”

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Then it was time to teach Ryan, about a very unusual subject – “vajazzaling”. Jennifer shared that she likes to glue crystals on a very unusual, and intimate, area of her body.

Telling Ryan that she currently has a flower design and that her “vajazzal” usually lasts for around a week.

But if you’re thinking of following in Jennifer’s creative footsteps, beware! Jennifer shared that the crystals can fall off at the most inconvenient times – like in the supermarket – or sometimes after a bath Jennifer said she’s found them stuck to her forehead!

Jennifer Love Hewitt & Jamie Kennedy Call It QuitsJennifer Love Hewitt & Jamie Kennedy Call It Quits

Jennifer told Ryan that’s she’s been cheated on at least three times – one time with a close friend of hers, and another time she found out on TV.

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Seems even beautiful actresses get their hearts broken!

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