AUDIO: Gerard Butler Denies Dating Jennifer Aniston And Talks Butt Pinching

Gerard Butler stopped by the Johnjay and Rich show Friday morning to promote his number 1 movie, the 3-D flick, How To Train Your Dragon.

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And while he was there the hunky Scott candidly cleared up those pesky Jennifer Aniston dating rumors and talked butt pinching!

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Gerard admitted, “I’m a bit of a bad boy,” but denied copping a feel of his Bounty Hunter co-star’s delicious derriere, saying, “I’m still not sure my hand was on her butt, I think it was just the way the camera was angled.”

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Johnjay and Rich went on to ask Gerard if the rumors of them dating were true or not. Gerard insisted, “It’s been 2 years now of people saying are you guys a couple? Look, it just wouldn’t make any sense to deny it – and if I was going out with Jennifer I would be more than happy to say I’m going out with Jennifer, but it’s just not true.”

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Never ones to shy away from a controversial subject though, the two morning jocks kept pushing, asking if Gerard had hooked up. The 300 actor quipped, “With who?” But before being able to elaborate any further, his over zealous rep cut them off, saying, “We have to move on to the next interview now.”

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Spoil sport!

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