Adult Film Star Verifies Her Age, Saves Fan From 20 Years In Prison!

New York native Carlos Simon-Timmerman bought a DVD of adult film star Lupe Fuentes at a flea market while vacationing in Venezuela, only to be stopped in San Juan, Puerto Rico on his way home where he was arrested and charged with illegal possession and transportation of images involving minors.

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Facing a 20-year maximum prison sentence Simon-Timmerman thought he was done for, until learned that Fuentes herself flew to Puerto Rico on April 6, 2010 to appear in court, show documentation proving her age and ultimately set Simon-Timmerman free.

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Simon-Timmerman spent two months in jail prior to the court case because a Special Agent of Immigration and Customs Enforcement had testified that Fuentes was “definitely” under the age of 18 in the video, as well as testimony from a pediatrician that had deemed her 100% underage; both of which Fuentes proved wrong when she showed up in court.

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At the time Little Lupe the Innocent; Don’t Be Fooled By Her Baby Face was produced, Fuentes was able to prove she was 19-years-old and all charges against Simon-Timmerman were dismissed. “Lupe walked into the courtroom and it was like a courtroom drama movie,” Assistant Public Defender Hector L. Ramos-Vega said. “Justice was served and Carlos is a free man thanks to Lupe.”

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“Lupe is not only the world’s youngest looking porn star, but a humanitarian who cares about justice and cares about her fans,” Ramos-Vega concluded.

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