VIDEO: New Prince of Persia Trailer, Jake Gyllenhaal To The Rescue!

Jake Gyllenhaal has never looked so good. The actor, noticeably bulked up and sporting bulging muscles and a warrior-length hairdo, is a sword-wielding hero in Prince of Persia. has the latest trailer from the anticipated, action-packed film.

PHOTOS: Jake in Prince of Persia

“This is no  ordinary dagger,” a voiceover warns as Gyllenhaal’s character takes hold of it.

Despite starting out as an orphan from the streets, he rises to become Prince Dastan who is charged with protecting the world from a powerful legion of demon assassins.

VIDEO: New Scenes of Jake in Action!  VIDEO: New Scenes of Jake in Action!

Gyllenhaal rides horses, jumps off of buildings, and swings from ropes to get the dagger back to the sacred temple.

“Difficult but not impossible,” he coolly retorts about the odds of his mission.

Disney’s Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time hits theaters on May 28th, 2010.

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