VIDEO: Michael J. Fox Cheered As Olympics Draw To Close

Michael J. Fox got a huge standing ovation during the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics Sunday, as the native Canadian actor highlighted a list of Maple Leaf-born celebs trotted out for the end of the competition.

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Fox, who became a superstar in the 80s with hits such as the Back to the Future trilogy and Family Ties series, has been fighting a well-publicized bout with Parkinson’s Disease.

The 48-year-old Edmonton native told the crowd he still supports the Canadian hockey team, despite living in the states.

Michael J. Fox: Not Looking to Score

“If I’m watching the U.S. and Canada play hockey, I’m sorry, I’m wearing a Maple Leaf on my sweater,” Fox told the masses.

Other Canadian celebs who appeared in the ceremony included William Shatner, Catherine O’Hara, Michael Buble, and Avril Lavigne.

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