VIDEO: Last Video of Corey Haim; He Says He’s Doing “Really Good”

In the last known video of 80s heartthrob Corey Haim, he says he’s doing “really good,” has confirmed.

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The video was taken three weeks ago outside Haute Nightclub in West Hollywood. He was out with Corey Feldman, his co-star in The Lost Boys, License To Drive and Dream A Little Dream and their A&E reality show The Two Coreys.

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The paparazzi had swarmed Corey Feldman, and then he introduced his best friend to the photographers, who hadn’t recognized the star.

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“Oh the hair got long,” Haim said while wearing a racing jacket.

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When asked if they were still best friends, Haim said “always, forever.”

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This is how the rest of the conversation went between Corey Haim and a videographer:

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Photographer: How are you doing?

Corey: Really good.

Photographer: Much better?

Corey: Well.

Photographer: Looking good.

Corey: Thanks man.

Corey, who has been in rehab at least 15 times, also said that night he was sober. Corey died of an apparent accidental overdose early Wednesday morning near Burbank, California.

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He was 38.

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