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VIDEO: Kendra’s Weight- Loss Panic

“Man, I’m screwed.”

That was Kendra Wilkinson’s reaction when the new mom learned she had little time to prepare for a photo shoot featuring her posing in a bikini.

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From the Girls Next Door to her own E! channel show, Kendall has emerged as one of the more likeable – and relatable – reality TV stars. Her ongoing battle to get back her body after giving birth was featured on Sunday’s episode of Kendra.

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With no way out of the bikini shoot, Kendra pats her bulging stomach and says, “How is this bikini ready?”

But Kendra hits the gym with a demanding trainer and before long she’s jumping rope, doing pushups and sit ups.  And in a refreshing bit of reality on reality TV when she’s asked her weigh she doesn’t hesitate and matter-of-factly reveals “144.”

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That type of honesty is couple with her unfiltered dialogue, for example when she tells the trainer, “My nipples are hard. Sorry.”

And without the magic of airbrushing Kendra does achieve results in the gym and starts her photo shoot in a one-piece before changing into a bikini.

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While she may not have the body of the old Kendra, she’s still looking great, as she poses holding baby Hank.

“I felt really nervous about getting in front of the camera,” she says at one point. “It’s not the fat. It’s my uterus!”

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Sunday’s episode showed the days before and after the Super Bowl, where Hank’s Indianapolis Colts were upset by the New Orleans Saints and Hank muffed an onside kick to start the second half.

Like Kendra, Hank is refreshingly candid and talks about what happened when he had the ball stripped away, looking straight at the camera and ending with “I knew that was a momentum shift…just my luck!”